A suitable vehicle for any location

GripHQ have spent several years purchasing a wide range of vehicles to best serve the NZ film industry. We have electric tracking vehicles all the way through to large tractor units with semi trailers designed to transport all of our equipment to anywhere in the country. 

Onset Vehicles

                                                Electric ATV

                                                Yamaha Quad Bike

                                                Trailer - Tandem axle vehicle trailer

                                                Trailer – Single axle

Tracking Vehicles

                                                Nikola NZT Electric 4 seater camera car (coming 2019)                                                

                                                Citroen Airbag Camera Car

Grip Vehicles

                                                LDV Biggest Van

                                                Toyota Hilux 4x4 flatdeck / canopy

                                                Isuzu Grip Truck (8m)

                                                Mitsubishi Grip Truck (10m)

                                                Hino Truck Grip (10m)

                                                Mercedes Actros Grip Truck (480hp) (10m)

                                                Mercedes Actros Tractor unit (550hp)

                                                Mercedes Actros Tractor unit (520hp)

                                                Dommett Insulated Screen / Office trailer (10.3m)

                                                Fairfax Insulated Dunnage trailer (13m)

                                                Fairfax Stepped Curtainsider with ramp (13m)

A-list Cast Vehicles

                                                Mercedes GL350

                                                Range Rover SDV8

                                                Bentley Flying Spur