Car Mounts

We have a large selection of car mounts to fit most vehicles along with the experience on how to best rig your vehicle to achieve the best result. 

Talk to us today about your vehicle based production and we will advise the simplest solution to meet your expectations. 

Car mounts available:

Bonnet mount - modern de luxe with 2 x L/Ling heads

Door mount - modern de luxe with 1 x L/Ling heads

Door mount (video camera)

Levelling head - modern studio (large)

Levelling head - modern studio (small)

Suction mount - modern studio (5/8th spiggot)

Suction mount - modern studio (large)

Suction mount - small video

Suction mount - door & bonnet kit (inc 2 x large suction cups plus 3 small cups)