Camera Support

We have a large range of camera support options which enables a production to get the shot that is required quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today with any questions and for pricing details. 

Items available:

Apple Boxes: set of 5

Blocks and wedges

Camera risers: 20cm, 30cm and 50cm

Camera wedge - adjustable

Cardellini clamps

Cine Saddle

Ezi Rig

Ezi Up's - 5'x5' & 10'x10'

Hawkins body mount

Heads up video goggles

Ladder pod

Land anchors

Leveller - Elemack 3 way

Leveller - Panther offset 4 way

Magic Arm

Manfrotto clamps

Manfrotto rolling spreader

Offset bowl - Long (150/100mm)

Offset bowl - Std (150/100mm)

Operators squab - 60cm x 40cm x 12cm

Operators squab - folded 37cm x 24cm x 12cm; (unfolded) 150cm x 55cm x 6cm

Sandbags (in excess of 200)

Scaff clip to plate

Scaff clip to boss

Stand - Mathews C

Stand - Mathews highboy

Stand - Mathews lowboy

Tripod - low w / spreader - Ronford heavy duty

Trophy bowl

Ubangi - Panther sliding


Vibration Isolator - Chapman Leonard

Vibration Isolator - Panther