The ultimate 7 axis gyro stabilised head that's silent in the studio and rugged outdoors is finally in NZ!

GripHQ is proud to be supporting Spacecam and Panther with the launch of the Maximus 7 stabilised head in NZ. Along with our impressive range of existing product we are sure to have a solution for whatever your need. 

Heads available:

Spacecam Maximus 7 (7-axis stabilised) remote head

Newton S stabilised remote head 

Scorpio 3 axis remote head

Scorpio Micro 3 axis remote head

Filmech 3 axis remote head

Filmech 2 axis remote head

Kessler Revolution head

Airfloater head

F7 head

Tango swing head

Sachtler dutch head

GFM low rocker head